Hey there! Just to help out a bit, besides raisin rum, purple skirts, and Gunpla.

Other interest are LOTR( including The Hobbit), and I do enjoy artwork, and the act of drawing.

Franchises I like: Always have enjoyed Sid Meier's Civilization series and still play the old Civ 3 once in a while. Killzone since the first game and got hooked. Been playing Battlefield since BF1942 and Kluge is my clan name so yeah. Certain Gundam games (Gundam: Encounter in Space; Gundam: Zeon Vs Fed; G Battle Assault 2 ) since I do love me some Gunpla. Enjoyed KOTOR 2 but that's about it. And Total War.

EDIT:Only fighting games I have enjoyed are Street Fighter and Tekken.

Genres I enjoy most: Shooter with co-op elements, and strategy games although I am not very good at them. Simulators like Sim City.


Systems I own: PS3

Items I collect: Few Gunpla actually and some tanks, quite a number of books on history (war), art books, illustrations, and science fiction.

Shirt Size: Medium on regular shirts, and if is one of those slim fit shirt then large.


*If that does not help then remember raisin rum(sweets), purple skirts(color), and Gunpla(anything Gundam related)!

Only thing to add, I only love the Universal Century Gundam timeline, anything else...NO.

Thank you, and have a happy Hanukkah!